Pile Management

The beginning stages of a project are usually where I totally stall out and fall fallow, so I am going to devote a few posts to the “boring” process of getting some momentum going. Hence, the mending pile:

What the heck. This pile has been taking up all the space in my comfy studio chair — a chair which is supposed to be for sitting in — for like two plus weeks. The mending has turned my chair into that chair in your bedroom that’s supposed to be for ??? (relaxing? Why not just relax on your bed) but is really just a crapcatcher for your laundry. Even though I have had pile management on my “to-do” list for as long as that pile’s been around (10/12: “Figure out someplace to put mending”; 10/27: “Mending pile”), the inertia threatens to take permanent hold. No way, man, I say no way!

So I put the pile on the work table and interrogated it into neatly folded stacks:

Yeah! Now we have, in the Odd Kitchen Mending Class of 2012
(Top, l-r): Major Mental Energy Projects; Dye It
(Bottom, l-r): Quick Mending; Just Get Rid Of It; Nostalgic Garments

Check out that beautiful Christmas stocking on the top of the Nostalgia pile, hand knitted by mom. It is lonely and misses hanging out with my sister’s complimentary green counterpart.

Now I can take the JGROIs to the vintage clothing shop, put the NGs in a box, set aside some time to tackle the MMEPs, make some color decisions for the DIs (funnn!!!), and blast through the QMs.

OhIamsogladtohavethat done. Like kickin’ gravel down the road.

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