Lately (mid-February 2013)


I have been baking cakes lately, and putting things in jars. I am also poised before the chasm of a great transition, which has me somewhat preoccupied; just hanging out nervously, waiting to hear back from those voices in the wind. So I’m keeping busy with kitchen stuff.

What’s that, you say? You thought this was supposed to be a sewing blog? Oh yeah! I did say that. Um… not doing much sewing lately. I’d like to blame it entirely on my sewing machine, which is a total POS, but the good Puritan in me refuses to let me off the hook that easily. (I did re-attach the straps to a few broken tote bags!) Still — I’ve been preoccupied, and kitchen things are, for me, reliably soothing.


The two cakes above were baked in the same drab mold, hence their resemblance. (I don’t know about you, but I am often underwhelmed by the appearance and sometimes contents of a Bundt mold.) The cakes are related, cousin-like, but not the same. One is a buckwheat coffee liqueur cake (made with gifted homemade “Kahlua”) and the other is a cardamom-lime cake from that grand old baking blog of yore, Prepare to Meet Your Bakerina. More on both in future posts.


The cardamom-lime cake helped to resolve some of the 5 lbs. of Bearss limes I picked up last week. I am very excited because I found two worthy-looking recipes for lime pickle on this “Hungry Tigress” blog so that will be happening in the next few days. (More on that in the future as well.)


I purchased 5 lbs. of Bearss limes along with 5 lbs. of Meyer lemons (from the folks at Mariquita Farms, natch) in order to contribute to a 3-citrus marmalade making jam session (getitgetitgetit??? haw haw haw) with my sister this past weekend. I don’t have any pictures of our labor, just the final product: one batch of grapefruit/orange/lemon marmalade (squat) and one batch of orange/lemon/lime marmalade (slender). We used this recipe from Food In Jars, which is good not only for the recipe but for the splendid wisdom she shares about marmalade-making. It is a labor-intensive process that involves zesting and supreming all of your citrus (you use the fruit, not just the juice, which makes it sort of like a marmalade-jam) before you can cook anything down. Regardless I really enjoyed the quality time I had with my sis and darling dog Howard. Our dad was an extra in the recent U.S. House of Cards remake, and we watched the episode (three, the church scene) that he was in. Pretty hilarious and weird-awesome to be watching just some ol’ television show and then see your dad in it, like he had been Photoshopped into the teevee. Hollywood magic!

We made the marmalade for our uncle, who has several serious food allergies and cannot eat the many commercially-produced marmalades that include soy and wheat fillers/derivatives. V & me will be taking the trip north to see him this weekend, so I hope he’ll like the little gift.


I also made some dilly beans with another FIJ recipe. I used these unusual-looking big handled jars from Korea that I picked up at a restaurant supply store on Clement. I have no post-processing shots because the beans look gross and I maaaaay have overcooked them and probs should just have refrigerator-pickled them and besides, it is nowhere near bean season anyways… We shall see about their edibility in a few days. The jars, though, are super cool.


Oh yeah, and I made some preserved lemons, about which I’ll probably dump in another post.

AND I updated my Greatest Blog Post Ever — according to the stats, anyways — with better photos.


  1. Very beautiful photos. And wonderful ingredients.

  2. Thank you so much! ‘Tis the season for citrus… get it while you can!

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