Hello, world!

Hello, my little bloggie friends!

Is anyone even subscribed to this thing anymore?  I don’t think I’ve updated it since like the late 80s in internet years.  (Three years, yo.)

Now you might be wondering:  why revive?  Why dredge up the past?  WHY NOW???

And as you sit there, poised over your screen’s greenish glow, waiting with bated breath, I will tell you:  GIANT FABRIC STASH.

Yes, that’s right, peeps. The Odd Kitchen is now (also) a sewing blog.  ‘Cause I have two ginormous plastic bins of fabric that I have been collecting and carrying around with me from apt. to apt. FOR TEN YEARS.  Ten years!  That’s like the early 70s in internet years.

So, because I am a tidy little organized buglet at heart, I pulled each piece of fabric and each garment that needs fixing out of bin and bag and PHOTOGRAPHED THEM ALL, and MADE A SPREADSHEET.  And this freaking blog will help me check every last little thing off that list.

I’ll still post about food, too.

Go, gentle Scorpio, go…

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